Stichting Keurmerk Betrouwbare Afrekensystemen

We are glad to communicate that we have a new quality mark supplier!

This week Zucchetti Switzerland SA received the quality mark for a reliable POS system for the TCPOS system, their omni-functional POS solution. TCPOS is Zucchetti’s POS technology provider for the hospitality and retail industries.

Dirk Schwindling – CEO & Executive Vice President – reacted “The Dutch region is crucial in Zucchetti’s strategy of consolidating business in Europe. Our omni-functional POS solution TCPOS has been present in the region since years, but it is our intension to make strengthening our presence by supplying the same level of stability, security and innovation that support over 10.000 customers worldwide. Receiving the Dutch Quality Mark was an essential step for us to demonstrate we are ready to do this and we thank the “Stichting Betrouwbare Afrekensystemen” organization for their expertise and availability in the process”.

Congratulations Zucchetti Worldwide on behalf of the SBA board and all quality mark holders.

In the picture from left to right:

Massimo Vicenzi – Software Architect
Michel Primo – Global Manager Core Development
Dirk Schwindling – CEO & Executive Vice President